FROM 2007 to 2010, I was a columnist for two college newspapers in San Diego, "The Coyote Express" and "The Summit", and was inspired to continue writing Mell's Moment after my college years.  the birth of this website was the result...

 financial challenges caused me to, reluctantly, take it down.  It was an emotionally difficult decision to make because this was my baby.
 it was on "Mell's Moment" that a great deal of painful and joyful creativity was expressed through the poetry and articles that were initially published in the Cuyamaca College newspaper.  Later writing for the San Diego, Grossmont college newspaper. They were open to my idea's on various subjects that mattered to students.   A driving desire to share experiences led me back to school after a brain aneurysm left me struggling to read, write and walk again.  That task was difficult.  But it was finding the courage to take on college that I began wanting to pursue other possibilities, and go beyond current limitations.  There is where I realized how good my life had been before.  
But now, with deficits and physical limitations, I was going to squeeze all I could out of life.  Once ending Mell's Moment, I reentered the world of fashion design.  ALTER & STITCH also became a self-starter company, where I perform clothing alterations on all kinds of issues.  I slowly began assembling clothing from start to finish.  So, if you live in the San Diego area and are looking for a competent seamstress, visit ALTER & STITCH and leave a request for my services.
Now that Mell's Moment is up again, take a moment to reflect on what is important to you!    I believe our Creator granted each of us the gift of life for a reason.  As an aspiring writer and competent seamstress, I get plenty of opportunities to flex the talents I have been blessed with.  I call them gifts from my Creator because after surviving brain surgery and living with congestive heart failure, my life could have easily been cut short.  
Instead, I'd been given more time to re-invent and discover that my "gifts of life" are talents I could return to my Creator, by offering my skills up to those who find inspiration here.  It's my way of showing eternal appreciation.  This website journals the growing pains and joys of that journey, with Katie the cat in tow, and a bit more.  So, stop by and "take a read".  You won't regret it.


Food for thought...

"Katie the Cat"

cat, lamp, light, hiding
 I chose having a cat over a dog because I don't have to walk a cat, and I still get all the benefits of the love and companionship that makes all of us happy.    

"The cat was created when the lion sneezed."